Luxury Villas In Uluwatu

From your luxury villa in Uluwatu, soak in breathtaking coastal vistas and experience the peace that is found in their unending horizons. Escape the stressors of your everyday life and reconnect with what matters most. Immerse yourself in the island paradise and all the adventures it offers. Our luxury villas in Uluwatu are nestled in this region’s most beautiful area, offering unmatched serenity as you pamper yourself with our world-class, 5-star service.


Experience the rich culture and spiritual significance of Bali when you stay in one of our luxury villas. Uluwatu, located on the Burkit Peninsula, is home to the famous cliff-hanging temple, dedicated to the spirits of the sea.

Your luxury villa in Uluwatu will be conveniently located near this must-see site. One of the island’s nine key directional temples, it is brimming with history and adventure, offering unforgettable vistas. Strategically perched on a staggering, steep cliff 70 metres above the thunderous Indian Ocean and the coral reef lying below its surface, the temple offers a vantage point for unarguably the most beautiful sunsets human eyes have beheld.

The revered pilgrim priest Dhang Hyang Dwijendra, credited with establishing today’s form of the Hindu-Dharma religion, chose this site in the 15th century as his last home. It is believed that it is here he achieved moksa, the oneness with the godhead, while meditating. Regarded as his holy tomb, the temple is also believed to be the result of his architectural conquest. A small inner sanctum behind the main pagoda features a limestone statue, said to represent Dwijendra. Another shrine is said to depict the boat on which the priest used to travel to the site from Hindu, or Java.

During your stay in one of our luxury villas in Uluwatu, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the history of Bali come to life. Every evening between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., Kecak Dance performances are held. A mix of traditional Balinese dance and music drama, it is performed primarily by men and depicts a battle of Hindu gods. Originally it was performed as a trance ritual.

Home to attention-seeking and playful monkeys, the temple also features a cave underneath that leads to a beach. This spot has gained worldwide recognition by surfing enthusiasts for its adventurous waves.


Your luxury villa in Uluwatu is conveniently located to view first-hand one of man’s greatest ocean sports. Surfers from around the globe have come to Uluwatu to ride its infamous waves. The waves are enormous in size, making most surfing spots suitable for advanced and expert surfers only. Those brave enough to test their skills against the brute of the ocean leave with stories they will be telling for years to come. It is this adventure that makes Uluwatu a mecca of surfing. Secluded beaches near your luxury villa in Uluwatu give you the opportunity to take in the sport or simply relax in the sand.

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You will discover the true meaning of relaxation in your luxury Villa in Uluwatu. Uluwatu is celebrated for its serene landscape. A place to connect with nature, Uluwatu is a quiet destination, perfect for those seeking ultimate relaxation and renewal. However, your luxury villa in Uluwatu is conveniently located just 45 minutes from the bustling cities of Kuta and Seminyak, and all the urban sites, entertainment, glittering nightlife and fine dining these cultural centres offer.

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